Life is short, ENJOY it!!!

ENJOY, originated in Australia!!!

Mash and Flo are the founders of "ENJOY"

they met 2020 in Melbourne in a  hostel in the CBD.

after some parties there they moved into an empty house in Prahran, a suburb in Melbourne.

living out there meant to make the streets unsafe and get pissed.

at our place we emptied the living room and changed it to a hang out spot and a creative place where we ended up drawing on old cloths, boards and old shirts for practice.

the first couple of shirts went to all our mates in Melbourne, some even went overseas, pretty basic stuff.

next was to get our products out to some markets and some parties and festivals around Melbourne

products are often 1/1 pieces !

we won't remake them 

each piece is made with lots of love and passion !

No Rules!!